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Gove Contracting, Inc. was started with the idea that it’s ok to expect more from your contractor experience. Your contractor should show up as promised and be responsible with your project deposit money. Your project should be completed in a timely fashion in the way that it’s supposed to be completed. You should be kept updated on the progress of your job and feel comfortable asking questions. These are things that we strive to provide for our clients, because we know all too well how challenging it can be to find a competent contractor who delivers on promises. When deciding that it’s time to spend your hard-earned money on an improvement to your home, you should be able to expect the highest level of professionalism, craftsmanship, and communication.

My name is Justin and I live in Jefferson, MA. I have 2 young kids in the Holden schools. My wife, Brenna, runs this company with me and we have a goofy rescue dog named Gary. We moved here from Boston in 2018 and started Gove Contracting in 2021. We want to continue to build this company on a good reputation of delivering good, quality work the way we promise to complete it.

I grew up in an old mansard Victorian house in Dorchester, MA. My father worked for the City of Boston and spent his time off throughout my childhood renovating our house. My foundation in construction and remodeling stems from helping him and watching him transform our creaky old house into the beautiful home it still is today. I worked in residential construction and landscaping in the Boston area for many years before working for 9 years in the Carpenters Union Local 327 in Boston. I worked on large scale commercial buildings (condos, office buildings, hospitals) and I gained valuable experience which taught me the benefits of jobsite coordination and efficiency. There are some major differences between a 30-story office building and your kitchen, but there are also many similarities. Having all materials on hand when they are needed and a reliable network of qualified subcontractors ready to work are important in all construction settings. Delays in supplies, or having to do things twice cost everyone money, headaches and stress. And regardless of the project being commercial or residential, communication is key to a successful outcome.

When I moved with my family from Boston to Jefferson, I realized there were many people in Central Massachusetts that needed residential remodeling work done, and even more so with the home improvement uptick resulting from the pandemic. Family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances started asking if I did side work. Some of the contractors they had spoken to seemed shady, or their quotes were ridiculously high, or wouldn’t even return their calls. I realized that there was plenty of room for a good contractor in the Wachusett area, and more importantly, a greater need for a contractor who prioritizes clients and their visions. This is how Gove Contracting was born, with a vision of helping people accomplish their home renovation goals, so that their visions can come to life.